Skeptic: A word too often misused.

I am a scientist. I ask questions. I seek answers. I want to make a difference in the world… 

…which is why this irritates me. In fact, I am offended by it. Science has a beautiful complexity about it, and pages like this damage it’s beauty. Apparently pure scientcific research is born from the government’s desire to control us all, and *real* skeptics seek alternate answers that aren’t mainstream.

It seems that it’s suddenly cool to be in to alternate theories and reject mainstream ones, but WHY? While I understand the idea of ‘mob mentality,’ I also understand how to interpret scientific data. There is a reason many scientific theories are considered mainstream… It’s because they are logical and supported by EVIDENCE that should be reproducible in anyone’s hands – not testimonials, random statistics or websites. 

I feel that science and its meaning is misunderstood by many, especially those on the alternative bandwagon. Science is knowledge, plain and simple. It is systematic and DYNAMIC – meaning open to change that supported by legitimate evidence. Scientists are true skeptics, we never stop asking questions and we do not blindly accept  (as has been suggested). Scientists seek answers, in the form of carefully designed and controlled experiments. These people call themselves skeptics, but I don’t see experimental data or logical thinking, all I see is opinion – dangerous opinion at that.

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